3 responses to “Marketing Weak? (Didcha see what I did there???)

  1. James

    I like the article a lot, but I can watch perfume ads 24/7 😛

  2. Tamsin Young

    Yep…. Ditto. I too fell victim to this type of Sockholm Syndrome when I studied Nike’s ‘bad boy done good’ case study, ubiquitous in all of the Corporate Responsibility text books, available to every good ‘capitalist in training’ at business schools world-wide. I figured we should support them / Walmart / any other major multinational trying to do the right thing, ‘cos surely they’re doing it better than those going under the radar. This is probably true… but surely I would have been best to find a local manufacturer who makes their shoes locally under award conditions? Again captured by the infotorial served up in a supposedly ad free zone. hmmmmmm! On a different note. Love your coat of arms. The viscountess must be thrilled that it has both the moon and the stars… love to chat when you have time – home most days / nights. tx

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