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TO BE FREE... photo by PvH

TO BE FREE... photo by PvH

I have a couple of things I have recognised in this exercise of avoiding advertising.  It is impossible to eliminate all of it while living in the center of London.  I wish the world was such that anyone who made a choice to, could, avoid advertising in this so-called  ‘free world.’  I am beginning to think that the only place on the island it is possible to avoid all forms this kind of “toxic culture” in the far reaches of Scotland.

Now, I have heard on the grape vine that some have said I have lost the plot – jokingly I hope.  At the same time the Viscountess can’t access Radio One which is ADVERT FREE in her office because of the corporate internet policy.  And she works in communications!  Odd?  In fairness the gentleman who made the comment has followed my world of illness through the Viscountess and probably has more than a few reasons to think that I lost the plot.

The Chinese said that repeating the same action expecting a different outcome in the same circumstances is the definition of insane.  Anyone who has ever read much of my writing knows that I repeat the same mistake frequently ie. when I routinely believed my family loved me – whoa… was I wrong.  In  a different paradigm it is described as an individual who is sitting in the same theater but watching a different movie from the rest of the people.  Another paradigm says that insanity is when the individual value and the cultural value are not equal.

With all of these ideas surrounding what might be considered an amusing remark (which I believe it was but considering the above definitions I almost certainly qualify as insane for an abundance of reasons).  But that

A Blank Canvas for Coca-Cola photo by Ms Tamsin

A Blank Canvas for Coca-Cola photo by Ms Tamsin

begs the question why my highly paid psychiatrist has yet to diagnose it officially.  Is it because the longer he holds out on the diagnosis the longer I remain in therapy?  [On a completely different note why is it that being in therapy is America is almost an essential part of being a good writer – I mean ask Woody Allen – but in England it doesn’t hold quite the same prestige?]

I have found, being sick so much of the last few years, that my media consumption has gone up – gone through the roof actually.  I didn’t actually own a television until my late twenties – the Viscountess will attest to the fact that while living in Holland Park she was kind enough to indulge us not having one.  Even though everyone else in the neighborhood was keeping up with the Joneses with an array of ever growing flat screen technology.  In fairness, she is ‘media balanced,’  she has a voracious appetite for reading but I believe my media consumption over the last years has had a negative impact on her – she would watch less if I watched less.  Now I am.

Like most things in this world I think it is a getting ‘back to the middle’ and that is all I am trying to do. I already have noticed my mind flutters less than it did last week.  Lost the plot? On a final note this is one of my

What movie are you watching?  Your own? Or what everyone else seems to be watching?

What movie are you watching? Your own? Or what everyone else seems to be watching?

way of defining insanity, which I do believe without balance can turn the perfectly sane into media zombies – INSANITY IS THE LOWER SOCIAL VALUE OF HIGHER INTELLECTUAL PATTERNS.So I would ask, following that logic… advertising is the low social value of lower intellectual patterns.  I guess I really have lost the plot. ABSOLUTELY INSANE.


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  1. Tamsin Young

    I thought it was Einstein who spoke of repetition of action causing different results = insanity? maybe the Chinese told him?
    Love it – think avoinding hyper consumerism is the definitition of SANITY… Went to TEDx Sydney last weekend and hear great talk on Rise of Collaborative Consumerism. Will find link and send to you, but only after your fast as I believe it would in itself be selling something (it’s ideas and a book) . anyhoooooo… let me know when you’re testing out solids again!

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